The Rules module provides site builders with a powerful interface to implement custom workflows on their site and has proven to be an essential tool to the whole Drupal ecosystem. With over 200,000 reported active installations, it ranks amongst the top 20 most popular Drupal modules and is used at 1 out of every 5 Drupal sites in the world.

The upcoming release of Drupal 8 is a complete rewrite that the community, helped by organizations has been working on for three years. Views in core, a new configuration management system, throughout object oriented code based on Symphony 2 and vastly improved entity & fields systems only name a few of the exciting changes that will make Drupal 8 a revolutionary release.

We strongly believe that Drupal 8 will only be as successful as how complete its ecosystem will be. With important tools like Views in core for Drupal 8, we want to get Rules ready as early as possible so that the community can start build websites and port their integration modules.

Let’s make Drupal 8 a better place for developers and site builders by funding the Rules 8.x port.